Our Menu

The pleasing unfussiness of Cantonese cooking is celebrated with a menu inspired by the classic Hong Kong dai-pai-dong.  Enjoy familiar flavours of authentic dishes with premium local ingredients.

竹昇麵 Jook Sing Noodles

海蝦雲吞湯竹昇麵 Wonton bamboo noodles 

雲吞水餃湯竹昇麵 Wonton & pork dumpling bamboo noodles


蝦子撈竹昇麵 Shrimp roe over bamboo noodles


炸醬撈竹昇麵 Spicy shredded meat over bamboo noodles 


 Pork knuckles & wonton bamboo noodles


牛筋雲吞湯竹昇麵 Beef tendon & wonton bamboo noodles


牛腩海蝦雲吞竹昇麵 Beef brisket & wonton bamboo noodles


豬軟骨海蝦雲吞竹昇麵 Pork cartilage & wonton bamboo noodles

麵 Noodles

雲吞湯麵 Wonton noodles


魚蛋魚片湯麵 Fish balls & sliced fish noodles


水餃湯麵  Dumpling noodles


豬手湯麵 Pork knuckles noodles 


豬軟骨湯麵  Pork cartilage noodles 


鮮牛肉麵  Beef noodles


牛筋湯麵 Beef tendon vermicelli

冬菇湯麵 Mushroom noodles


紅油三寶湯麵  Spicy three-treasure noodles

飯 Rice


Beef tendons brisket w/ vegetables rice 



Pork cartilage w/ vegetables rice 



Pork knuckles w/ vegetables rice 



Curry beef brisket w/ vegetables rice 



Dry scallops & shrimp ball in soup rice 



Crispy pork chop w/ vegetables rice

粥 Congee

艇仔粥 Assorted meat congee Canton style

魚片粥 Sliced fish congee

肉丸粥 Meatballs congee

豬潤粥 Pork liver congee

及弟粥 Pork liver & meatballs congee

皮蛋瘦肉粥 Preserved egg and pork congee

金衣蟹黃粥 Crab congee 

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