Chee Kei is one of few remaining restaurants celebrating the ancient art form of Jook Sing Noodles.

Jook Sing Noodles (“Bamboo Rod Noodles”) is a rare and disappearing Cantonese art. The noodle-making technique refers to the chef sitting on a bamboo log, like a see-saw, in order to press the duck eggs, flour and other ingredients together.


In the early 20th Century, street hawkers hung and transported their supplies using bamboo poles slung across their shoulders. Realizing that the bamboo rods could also be used flatten dough, they freed themselves from the weight and cost of extra equipment. The trick is to leverage the whole bodyweight to knead the dough. It is believed that using the bamboo pole in this manner is the secret to making a thin bed of perfectly pressed dough.

The Jook Sing method is said to give a elastic chewy texture to the noodles. The process is labor intensive - the application of machinery has nearly made this technique disappear. Chee Kei is one of few remaining restaurants in Hong Kong utilizing this ancient craft.

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